PG Tips on Surprise Gift of a Six Year Old Boy to Police

While we all save our money this whole year to spend it for the things we want. Here’s a boy, 6, that saves his own money to buy and delivers a festive food parcel to thank police officers.

This is his Christmas gift to the policemen of Thames Valley. As he himself dreams to be a policeman in the future. He delivered the box of food with a card and a letter to the officers.

The Christmas-paper wrapped box included a pack of mince pies, chocolates, biscuits, bag of coffee, and our favorite tea, PG Tips.

Below is his letter announcing that he really likes to join the force when the time comes.

“Dear Police,

I am six and when I grow up I want to be a policeman.

I really love cars and Ninja Turtles.

I made you a treat box to help you on Christmas when you’re putting bad people in jail. Because the police are the best.

Thank you for your good work.”

What do you think?

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