PG Tips Earl Grey Spotted in the US

Recently, PG Tips recently a variety of new teas, including herbal, green and flavored black teas.  Although these teas have are generally unavailable in the US, we recently spotted PG Tips Earl Grey for sale.

PG Tips Earl Grey comes in a box of 40 tea bags. These are the traditional pyramid tea bags tea PG Tips has used for a number of year.

Part of the new range of teas from PG Tips, this is a light and delicate but flavorful Earl Grey Tea. To make this tea, regular PG Tips is blended with bergamot. A good Earl Grey starts with a good black tea and you PG Tips is one of the best.

To make the perfect cup of PG Tips Earl Grey Tea, always use freshly boiled water and steep for 4 to 5 minutes. Since this is an herbal tea, you can sweetener if you like but it is best not to add milk.

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