Johnny Vegas’ Net Worth

Everyone knows who Johnny Vegas is. Well, in case the one reading this doesn’t know.

He is none other than the person who played the role of Al in PG Tips‘ commercials and advertisements.

Image and Article from Birmingham Live

He first appeared on TV in 1996 as a contestant for a game show. However, he appeared under his real name “Michael Joseph Pennington”.

The moment he debuted as a contestant, he made a reference that he wanted to be a comedian. He also mentioned that his stage name will be “Johnny Vegas”.

So, over the years of him being in the entertainment industry as a comedian from 1996 to the present. How much exactly is his net worth value?

According to experts from Celebrity Net Worth, Johnny Vegas has a net worth of $10 Million. This amount is around £7.1 Million.

Who would have thought that Al of PG Tips, the friend of Monkey would be worth this much? But for sure, he is worth even more and even priceless to every tea drinker around the world.

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