Russell Hobbs and PG Tips spreading Positivi-Tea

Russell Hobbs, the number one small domestic appliance brand in the UK. Their story began in 1952 when Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs teamed up to transform kitchens across Britain.

The world’s first automatic electric kettle is one of Russell Hobbs’ groundbreaking innovations. They have expanded worldwide by always setting new standards for timeless designs and true innovations. Not just in Europe but also in the United States.

Image and article from Retail Times UK

Now, Russell Hobbs has joined forces with the top tea brand PG Tips, on a campaign to spread positivity across the UK.

Being a nation of tea lovers, they know the importance of a proper cuppa. After the past years that the Brits have had, tea brands are bonding together just to spread positivi-tea.

The campaign will foresee the brands’ engagement with a number of acts of kindness. Such as, donating products to local community centers, food banks, and the homeless plus some domestic violence charities.

Russell Hobbs will also find UK’s most deserving community hero. Asking people to nominate someone who is the heart of their community during the pandemic. This special person will be given the “Heart of the Community Gift Bundle” including over £500 worth of Russell Hobbs products.

There’s more, they will also be rewarding a “Positivi-Tea Packs” to some people across the UK. These packs are filled with coffee, journals, biscuits, stationary, and self-care products. It also includes some Russell Hobbs’ kettle and toaster with PG Tips Tea. This will encourage the receivers to take a little “me time” and unwind with a brew and treats.

Keep an eye out for Russell Hobbs’s social channels and you might be one to spread the Positivi-Tea.

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