Finding the Best British Cuppa

A self-confessed tea connoisseur puts 5 English breakfast teas of different tea brands to the test.

Here is what she did: she bought 5 different teas: PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea, Typhoo, Twinings, and Tetley Teas. All of them are English Breakfast which is available at the nearest Tesco shop. After that, she made a cuppa of each with the same amount of hot water and milk in them.

Once the teas were ready, she labeled each of them of their brands and turned them around then mixed them up. So basically making it a blind taste test of the set of teas. It was only fair to do this because she has a brand that she’s fiercely loyal to and couldn’t let it walk to victory easily.

Using water as a palate cleanser, she then gulps each of the teas and then wrote notes about the tea. After tasting all five teas, she ordered them one to five then turned them and revealed their brands.

Image and Article from Cambridgeshire Live

Now, here is her opinion on each of the listed teas.

5th Rank is Tetley, it is very obvious that the taster likes a strong cup of tea. No sugar, not too much milk, or should she say, a proper builder’s tea.

Tetley for her was not that. Tetley was very light and the milk overpowered the tea’s flavor. It was watery even though it was brewed with the same amount of time as the others.

4th Rank is PG Tips, for her, it has a weak taste like Tetley. It was light, soft, and milky as well. Though she praises the brand for having a cute mascot.

3rd is Twinings, which is the most expensive of the five teas. However, it doesn’t make it the best tea. Though it has a pleasant aftertaste for her. The initial sip is less than energizing for her.

To her, it’s the sort of tea that you can slip back very easily. It wasn’t her favorite but she wouldn’t turn her nose up to a cup of Twinings.

2nd tea is Typhoo Tea, it really is packed with rich and bold flavors. It’s a proper cup of tea according to her.

It reminds her of most loose leaf tea which was the strength of its flavor. She says that it wasn’t a reason to drink every day but one to get out for guests.

Now, the 1st in the rank and also the last tea, Yorkshire Tea. It is simply a superior cup of tea for her. It was rich, but not too rich and tasty but not overpowering.

She admitted that it was the tea that she drinks every day. So she can’t pretend that it did not have any advantage being it was an old friend. However, she will still stick to her decision and declare that Yorkshire Tea is to be the king of teas.

Tell us, do you agree with her opinion as well?

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