Famous Actor Drinks PG Tips

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom also known as Orlando Bloom, an English actor. Known for his character in The Lord of the Rings sequel as Legolas.

He also played a role in The Hobbit sequel. After a series of appearances in epic history, historical, and adventure films. He then played Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series with the actor Johnny Depp.

Article and Image from The Hollywood Reporter

Who would have thought that the famous actor has PG Tips Tea in his daily life?

In an interview with the U.K Newspaper “The Sunday Times” he shared his daily routine. Including outlining his diet, healthy lifestyle, and his life with both Katy Perry and Daisy, his partner and daughter.

His day starts with 20 minutes of Buddhist Chanting prior to reading a bit of Buddhism and sharing it through his Instagram Stories. He tries not to browse on his phone as it is bad getting into social media black hole.

By 9AM, his breakfast is usually porridge, hazelnut milk, cinnamon, vanilla paste, hazelnuts, goji berries, vegan protein powder, and PG Tips tea. The actor also shared that he is a 90% plant-based consumer. So, having a really good piece of red meat once a month.

After it was published, Twitter users thought maybe the actor was just trolling. While others light-heartedly mocked his healthy lifestyle.

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