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  1. Will you please produce more PGTips Special Blend? Is there any available?

  2. Author


    PG Tips has ceased production of the Special Blend. They do not make it any more. It was a really good cup of tea.

  3. I am one of the many Special Blend fans who are deeply disappointed in its going out of production. We may not have been a large market, but from all the blogs I’ve read, we were loyal and devoted fans who would have kept buying it forever. The new blends (strong, fresh, delicate) do not remotely compare. My understanding is the reason Unilever created Special Blend was because of great demand after the 75th anniversary (it being the anniversary blend). PLEASE bring it back!!!

  4. Will there be a new monkey this year,I collect them all and drink nothing but PG. Havent found anything that compares.

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