PG Tips looking for volunteers as Call Companions!

A charity together with PG Tips is asking for volunteers to befriend the elderly over the phone.

Image from Re-Engage Website

While the nation is confined, many people feeling isolated and more alone than ever.

Especially the elderly people who needs to remain indoors at all times.

To ease the problem, PG Tips has confirmed partnership with Re-engage to find Call Companions.

What exactly do they do?

Call Companions will provide emotional support over the phone to over-75s in the community.

PG Tips will fund around 2,000 Call Companion Volunteers to help build a support network for older people.

Older people who might not have anybody else to speak to.

Re-engage is a charity that has a vast experience in the area of social isolation among the elderly. Without a doubt, they can provide volunteers appropriate guidance to ensure that proper safeguarding.

To sign up for the volunteer program, you’ll need to visit theĀ re-engage website.

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