Does Tea Brands have sufficient supply of tea for the spike of demands?

PG Tips, Twinings and Tetley assured their customers that they have enough black tea to meet the demand.

The leading brands have diminished their fears of shortages in the drastic increased on demand.

Even with many empty shelves on groceries due to panic buying fuelled by the pandemic. The UK’s national drink continue to be available, suppliers insisted.

The General Manager of Unilever stated, PG Tips maker had predicted the spike in demand for black tea over weeks.

The Unilever’s staff at Trafford Park plant in Manchester worked hard to ensure that PG Tips continues to get tea drinkers across the UK.

But for their own safety, they still maintained additional hygiene practices.

Brands’ reassurance came after the grocery sales rose to their highest level in more than a decade amids the UK coronavirus lockdown. Data shows that the industry’s growth at more than 20% in the past four week.

Article from The Grocer

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