Football Player, Ben Osborn’s game with PG Tips

As a 25 year old, he is having an endless hours of fun by playing teabag curling. Yes, you have read it right, it is teabag curling.

For his past time, he invented a couple of games and teabag curling is the best game.

He stated he’s willing to pass on his hottest PG Tips on how to become a professional of the game.

According to Osborn, here is the mechanics of Teabag Curling:

A player needs to lob it on and get it close to end of the table without falling off. Each player has 3 chances per turn to do this.

When you are happy with your throw, you say “Look, I’m leaving that”. But if not, then you can keep going.

Finally, the dark side of the game is, you can knock the teabag of other players off of the table.

Without a doubt, it is totally an endless fun to break the lock down boredom.

Article from Daily Star

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