Unilever’s Plastic Pledge to Attract Gen Z

Global consumer goods giant, Unilever, which owns PG Tips, pledge to cut its plastic use. So, they can have much more appeal to younger shoppers such as the millennials and Gen Z.

Also, the well-known firm has produced 700,000 tons of new plastic a year. They have now realised that this huge environmental impact isn’t popular with younger people.

According to survey, 55% of millennials and 45% of Gen Z worldwide are often influenced by how environmental friendly a product is. So, thanks to our younger shoppers!

Over the next five years, Unilever is planning to strongly reduce that figure. By focusing on using more recycled plastic and finding alternative materials.

Glass would be the most obvious alternative. But Alan Jope, Unilever boss, said, “A hysterical move to glass may be trendy but it would have a dreadful impact on the carbon footprint of packaging.”

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