PG Tips isn’t Britain’s Best Selling Cuppa Anymore

Two years ago, Yorkshire Tea has passed Tetley as the number two brand. And now, they are crowned as officially Britain’s best selling brew.

It took them four decades to achieve this milestone and outshine its main rival PG Tips.

Yorkshite Tea Britain’s new best selling brew.

Andy Brown, managing director of Taylors said, “It was never our objective to become the number one brand. We set out to be a brand with some purpose behind it, and we’ve grown by staying true to our values and doing things properly. Becoming number one is an outcome of that.”

While it is a breakthrough for the people of Yorkshire Tea, some are not happy with it. Shocked that it made through the top as some says it tastes like a warmed-up sand. A thick and gravelly like tea. It still PG Tips with a splash of milk and no sugar.

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