PG Tips Tea: Who is Mr. Shifter

If you are a fan of PG Tips, you may have heard of Mr. Shifter? But who is Mr. Shifter?

PG Tips has the record for the longest-running single advertising campaign the UK. The ads featured the famous chimps, called the Tipps Family. Mr. Shifter was one of the chimps in the campaign.

In this image from the PG Tips corporate web site, you can see monkey wearing a t-shirt honoring Mr. Shifter.  (You can go directly to the page of the PG Tips company site with this image by clicking below).

PG Tips monkey honoring Mr. Shifter.

PG Tips monkey honoring Mr. Shifter.

This old PG Tips ad mentions Mr. Shifter by name. Listen carefully.


  1. just wondered if a cooee mr shifter tshirt is available to buy

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