PG Tips Launches Recycling Drive

Next time to you use a PG Tips tea bag, please remember to recycle it.  At least that is what PG Tips hopes you do.  In the United Kingdom, PG Tips is launching a drive to encourage recycling of PG Tips tea bags.

Amazingly, 165 million tea bags are used each day in the United Kingdom.   Almost all of these unnecessarily wind up in the trash, instead of a compost pile.

PG Tips is teaming up with 2 local English governments to test a program to encourage people to compost their tea bags. Monkey will be featured on posters to encourage composting of tea bags.

PG Tips parent company, Unilever, is the world’s largest buyer of black tea. Unilever has a Sustainable Living Plan aimed at reducing waste from its products by half over the next 8 years.

A recent article in the UK Guardian Newspaper gives more details.

Put that PG Tips tea bag in your compost pile.

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