PG tips in support of Samaritans Brew Monday

Along with the released video by PG Tips, this is an elaborate article of the campaign. In which, PG Tips supported for people to overcome their loneliness.

82% of the respondents which in the age range of 25 to 34 years old stated that, they felt lonely in the past year. The affected people are in all areas of the UK too.

Key factors attributing to people’s loneliness are major life changes. Including becoming a new parents, bereavement or moving home location.

More importantly, the survey also specified that 52% of them are less likely to admit their loneliness.

However, 9 in 10 stated that getting together over a cup of tea would help them feel less lonely. Thus, PG Tips pledged its support to Samaritans Brew Monday.

A fundraising campaign that encourages people to come together over a cuppa.

This campaign has been backed by a number of British start. Including Dame Julie Walters, Rachel Parris and also former Great British Bake Off contestant Michael Chakraverty.

3 of the supporters of Samaritans Brew Monday together with PG Tips.

Articles from: Happiful and Somerset Live.

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