Leicester’s lockdown warns Zoo of mass cull

Famed for housing the PG Tips monkeys, Twycross Zoo fears the new restriction will have chilling effects.

The named Zoo was warned of a “mass cull” if it fails to get a Government Bailout amid the pandemic.

A Chief Executive has already revealed that they are struggling to cover their monthly costs. The new lockdown restrictions will impact them further.

Dr. Sharon Redrobe said: “The loss of a large collection of endangered species unique in the UK such as Twycross Zoos’ would be devastating and when I say loss, potentially a mass cull as we are all in the same boat.”

“No other zoo worldwide has the funds to create new enclosures immediately as they cost millions. We are all facing the same ending.”

With some restrictions being lifted, it means that they can re-open this month. However, due to social distancing rules, this limits the visitors and they will still struggle on meeting their running costs.

Dr. Redrobe mentioned that the maximum capacity for rescue funds was rather low to help Britain;s largest animal homes.

She called on the government to review the criteria so that larger animal parks could also benefit on their rescue package.

Article from The Sun

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