PG Tips to promote an Eco-Savvy Campaign

The Unilever-owned tea brand PG Tips has launched a campaign that is encouraging tea lovers to its biodegradable tea bags.

The target of this campaign is to help reduce the household waste that are being produced.

“Have you made the switch”, an advertisement made by PG Tips. It starts with a young girl serving tea to her stuffed animal toys, including PG Tips’ beloved monkey mascot.

She stated that she wants to address the elephant in the room. Not literally talking about the animal but the tea instead. Why, because on their tea party, they are drinking PG Tips Original with biodegradable tea bags.

Video from PG Tips Official Youtube Channel

PG Tips claims that they are the very first tea brand that switched to biodegradable bags across the brands of tea.

Fiarchra Moloney, the tea director at Unilever UK & Ireland said “As the nation’s largest producer of tea bags, it is our responsibility to lead the mainstream black tea industry on this important change.”

Moloney noted that PG Tips already changed to biodegradable tea bags earlier this year and encourages other brands to do the same.

Article from Campaign Live UK

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