How the lockdown changed tea-drinking habits

A survey recently done reveals how often a day tea-drinking people reach for a brew and who drinks it most.

Showing the UK’s tea-drinking habits, a study that had PG Tip’s support says that around 42% of British people brew tea on a kettle up to 7 times a day.

As a matter of fact, drinking tea has increased by almost half (48%) since 2019. 62% of the brew more than often since lockdown and younger ones around 16-29 of age drink even more than the national average.

Research also shows that 3 distinct tea-drinking tiers, with Stroke-On-Trent (95%), Plymouth (94%), and London (92%). These are 3 regions that are crowned the heaviest tea-drinking regions.

Shockingly, Edinburgh took the title as the lowest tier. A quarter of Ediburgers claimed that they do not drink tea.

With this, PG Tips found out that nearly half of the population enjoys drinking tea with others. Then over half would offer their family, friend, and colleagues tea if they are making one for themselves.

According to PG Tips’ Senior Brand Manager, Charlotte Ridley: “We know that Brits love their tea, especially this year. It’s no surprise to see the number of us that are making the effort to offer our loved ones a brew to help bring a little joy to their day.”

“Many Brits have shared that a simple cup of tea has brought them comfort during this challenging year. As we head into a winter, at PG tips, we want to remind everyone of the difference that can be made. Simply through offering to have a cuppa with a loved one – even if it is remotely for the meantime.”

PG Tips is encouraging tea lovers of all ages to keep on enjoying their brewed tea. Also, to stay hopeful when they can have a cuppa with their loved ones by their side.

Image and article from Leicestershire Live

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