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    1. Please tell Unilever to bring back PG Tips Special Blend. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Hi,

      I’ve just opened a box of pgtips to find a fab 50p off voucher for your new PG Strond blend. However upon reading the fine print it says I have to use it by March 2012! Is this a marketing fail or has the box been in the supermarket for a really long time!!?

    3. I made an advert for PG tips tea as part of my a level media studies coursework. Would appreciate any feedback 🙂

    4. I just wanted to say that your original tea bags are the best

    5. Since changing the packaging the red berry tea is awful. There is not the same tastevand the colourvis weaker. Its just like slightly flavoured water now. Not a good cup of tea anymore.

    6. I recently bought 2 cups of your PG Tips tea at Old Trafford, Manchester. However the taste was not good. It was very weak and not to the standard I would expect from PG Tips.

    7. Why have you changed your teabag material.
      My brew doesn’t brew the way it used to!

    8. As the drinking of green tea is becoming more fashionable, I notice the green teas are getting weaker and weaker and almost covered with another flavour.
      Anyone else agree?

    9. Lovely cup of tea to drink my favorite pg tips thank you very much for making it

    10. why is it so hard to get a 2017 monkee wall calendar ? The pg monkee has fans who would like this calendar

    11. Absolutely loving the green tea and the peppermint flavoured one its helped me loose weight I love it and the peppermint one is so refreshing and helps you breathe and u blocks your noes and throat if you have a cold

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