PG Tips Stuffed Monkey Could Be Hot Toy This Christmas

If you have visited our site before, you know that we love monkey and consider it to be genius.  Apparently, many people in the UK share our opinion.  Demand for the stuffed version of monkey is growing.

Several sizes of a stuffed version of monkey are available. Companies that sell monkey report very strong sales. These companies are trying to get additional supplies before Christmas.

Monkey’s PG Tips commercials can be viewed on YouTube.


  1. HOW CAN I GET ONE PLEAAAAAASE?! literally begging here.

  2. Please let me know how MunKey can come to America? Any suggestions?

  3. Author


    If we find out where to get it, we will put in on our site. At the moment, we dont know where to get it. Sorry.

  4. Afternoon,

    One of my clients has set up his own Property Letting company in Bath and has called it The monkey reminds me of PG tips and I wonder if you would consider sending him a few packets of PG tips tea and say 5 or so monkeys to use promotionally (run a competition all new tenants to have to chance to win one) – great for both Monkeylettings and PG tips. Come in for a PG tips cuppa and discuss your property with us.
    Let me know what you think.
    M: 07968757926

  5. Author

    Debbie: Thanks for your email. You will have to contact the PG Tips corporation directly for that. Thanks.

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