PG Tips Rich One Recently Released

PG Tips has just added to its popular new premium teas by launching The Rich One last month.  The Rich One is for those looking for a stronger and richer tea.

PG Tips will spend £1.4m to bolster demand for their new premium range of tea.  This is in addition to the £8m the company will spend on marketing the brand this year.

In addition to The Rich One, other parts of the new premium range include The Fresh One, The Strong One and The Mellow One (previously The Evening One).


  1. Good Afternoon people at PG,
    Being a drinker of Waitrose Assam tea, I find PG Tips a little lacking in strength and richness. However, if you would care to send a few ‘PG Tips Rich One’ tea bags for me to try, you might convert me. I drink 3 cups of tea a day and plan to live for another 30+ years – Speculate to accumulate ! At the very least, sending some samples is good PR.
    Kind Regards, Ian Matthams
    4 The Westerings,
    CO6 4LJ

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