PG Tips Puppa Tea for Puppies.

Pet owners all know that caffeine is poisonous to puppa, and other pets. They are more sensitive to caffeine than people are.

A small amount of coffee, tea, or soda may not have enough caffeine that could cause poisoning to most pets. However, even these small amounts can easily cause death to a small breed of puppa or kitties.

Photo from Woof and Brew Online

Now, PG Tips has teamed up with Woof & Brew, a pet drinks firm to successfully create this limited edition drink to celebrate International Dog Day.

This PG Tips English Breakwoof tea includes 10 drinks for your dogs. Also, 40 ordinary tea bags for the owners.

The tea is blended with Rooibos, Nettle, Dandelion, Flax, and Burdock. With 0% Caffeine or Preservatives and “must” be served cold for them.

You can get yours at Woof & Brew online themselves. All the profits will go to charity Support Dogs. They provide, training and supports assistance dogs for people with medical conditions.

To learn more about caffeine poisoning, you can check it out here.

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