Choppers, Last Original Chimp of PG Tips

At the age of 48, the last surviving chimpanzee from the PG Tips adverts has died.

Twycross Zoo who handles Choppers said, she was put down by staff after she began to display signs of heart and liver failure.

Choppers were also known as Ada in the PG Tips commercials, it aired from the 1960s till 1980. She became the last surviving member of the troop after Louis died in 2014, her cohabitant in the zoo.

Article and Photo from Independent

Choppers was taken in by Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire, by a couple who had rescued her from poaches in Liberia.

The “well-known” and “much-loved chimp” has saddened the staff and visitors of the zoo because of her death.

It is said that, she bacame ill and showed signs of heart and liver failure. Dispite the best efforst of the zoo’s veterinary team, her health declined. Thus, they made the difficult decision of putting her to sleep.

Choppers made her final TV performance in January last year when she featured in a Channel 5 documentary looking back on the “tea chimps” and their lives in commercials.

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