PG Tips made something to die for once again!

A pot made with the finest artisanal milk chocolate. This was created by PG Tips and will be launched as a very special item just in time for Easter.

PG Tips will bring out this chocolate teapot especially for Sunday, April 4.

The pot is made with the finest artisanal milk chocolate and comes in a gift box. It will be alongside 40 PG tips teabags so that you can enjoy your chocolate alongside a cuppa.

You can get yours here!

Photo from PG Tips

Charlotte Ridley, Senior Brand Manager at PG tips, said: “We know that Britain is a nation of tea-lovers and we wanted to give them something to get excited about this Easter.

“Our new chocolate teapot is the perfect alternative for those suffering with Easter egg fatigue-because Easter eggs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!”

The £10 novelty chocolate will only have a limited amount of teapots available. So you have to act fast for you to get one for yourself.

It’s surely the perfect Easter egg alternative for the tea guzzlers in your life!

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