UK tea threatened by the climate crisis

PG Tips, Tetley, and Twinings speak out about the impact of climate change on tea growers.

Kenya is the world’s biggest tea-growing area and produces half the tea drunk in UK. Yet the production will likely fall dramatically if the climate breakdown continues at its current pace, the report warned.

Not just Kenya, even China, India, and Sri Lanka are affected by this climate crisis.

Kenya alone holds half of the produced tea leaves that the UK drinks and also the world’s biggest exporter. But the country’s medium-level tea-growing regions are to fall by 39% as the country faces a host of climate-related impacts.

These are forecast to destroy 26.2% of the country’s optimal tea growing areas by 2050.

As the world’s largest exporter of black tea, the fate of the Kenyan tea sector has a major effect on tea drinkers around the globe.

The dire situation facing Kenyan tea farmers has not gone unnoticed by some of Britain’s biggest tea brands.

PG Tips, Tetley Tea and Twinings, as well as the Fairtrade Foundation all shared their concern about the impact climate change is having on their growers.

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