Young Scientists Say Perfect Tea Should Taste Like PG Tips

A group of British High School school scientist students say the perfect tea should taste like PG Tips.

The students, all girls, conducted a science experiment involving tea at the UK’s Big Bang Science Fair. They wanted to find out how the perfect cup of tea should taste.   Their directions for the perfect cup involve 6 steps.

1. Your cup should be pre-heated to stop heat loss when the tea is steeping.

2. Brew tea for precisely 2 1/2 minutes.

3. Maybe most controversially, add about half an ounce of milk but do not add sugar.

4. After steeping, the ph level should be 6.6 (you may not be able to figure this out at home).

5. Taste tests revealed that the tea should take like PG Tips.

6. To truly appreciate tea, drink it after you come in from the cold, fog or related conditions. Then, the qualities of tea can be appreciated.

Thanks to Wharf News site The Wharf for the info.

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