Travel To Kericho, Kenya Where PG Tips is Grown

Recently, the Guardian (UK) Newspaper had an excellent article on traveling to Kericho, Kenya, where PG Tips Tea is grown. It is worth reading if you are a fan of PG Tips Tea.

The author of the article tried her hand at picking tea. The Tea Hotel can arrange for any tourist to do this for the day.   Kericho is a small-Kenyan town that is worth taking a side-trip to visit. Tea estates span the entire area. You an easily get to Kericho from Nairobi by public bus in only a few hours.

To encourage you to read the article, we wont discuss it more here.  But, if you drink PG Tips and are planning a visit to Kenya, make sure to visit Kericho and read the article before you go. It is very interesting  (and not overly long).

What do you think?

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