It is Christmas season. Well, it is technically the season of spending. So, we are thinking what will be the great way to spend your money that you save for the whole year.

Let’s take you back to that very alluring, attractive, elegant and eccentric teabag that our fave PG Tips have made.

None other than, the PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag covered with 280 diamonds and filled with Silver Tips Imperial Tea inside. It marked the 75th birthday of PG Tips super special in which people will always be reminded how much they love their British cuppa.

World's most expensive tea bag.
World’s most expensive tea bag.

Also, it was handcrafted by Boodles and took three months to complete.

Well, it was not just for celebrating their 75th birthday. But, it was created to raise money for a children’s charity in Manchester, England. PG Tips say it is the world’s most expensive teabag with the amount of $15,000 per tea bag!

(PhotoCredits to: The Rich Times)

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