PG Tips: “Tea remains an iconic part of British culture.”

In defense to our recent blog post that Millennials and Generation Z are turning their backs on our traditional tea in favour of green teas, herbal teas and coffee. This hot beverage still Britain’s favourite drink.

The Grocer magazine made a poll and it showed that 50 billion cup of tea are drunk every year. This includes traditional tea, such as English breakfast or just a builder’s.

This clearly proves that Britain is still a nation of loyal tea drinkers despite the change in taste of younger generations.

It is true that younger consumers are abandoning the traditional builders tea and turning to coffee beans for their daily dose of caffeine. Well, one reason would be it is much more photogenic that a cup of tea.

Yet, the biggest number of tea drinkers are people who are in the bracket of 35-44 years old. These people consumes six or more cups a day.

PG Tips spokeswoman Hazel Detsiny said: “Tea remains an iconic part of British culture.”

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