PG Tips Tea Bags Also Come Individually Wrapped

Did you know PG Tips tea bags also come individually wrapped?  Yes, its true. Most tea drinkers are aware of the famous PG Tips pyramid tea bags but not many know of the individually wrapped tea bags.

PG Tips individually wrapped tea bags, which come 25 to a box, have a string and tag and come in a foil pouch. This type of tea bags is often served in cafes or restaurants.  The PG Tips individually wrapped tea bags would be good for the office or to keep some in your briefcase or bag in case of emergency.

PG Tips Individually wrapped tea bags.

PG Tips Individually wrapped tea bags.


  1. LOVE PG TIPS-We want to have pg tips for wedding favors at daughter’s wedding, but can’t find individually wrapped available online or in stores. Tried, but not there either. Where can we get it? Thot about putting your wonderful triangle bags in favor bags, but then no one would know it was PG TIPS!

  2. Author


    I wish we could help. It has been hard to find these now. I dont know if they have become unavailable. I wish we could help you.

  3. booker has them ( but you might need to find someone with a card or the wedding venue/catering company should be able to get hold of them for you….

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