Lisa Vanderpump is a British restaurateur, television personality, author and former actress. She is the star of the two Bravo TV reality shows, Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In her Instagram post, the Englishwoman restaurateur shows Americans the right, elegant and perfect way to brew a cup of tea.

Wearing in a white tuxedo shirt, she explained that the tea cup is as important as the tea. Next, turn the kettle on and grab your tea of choice.

According to Lisa, “loose leaf tea is great but it’s more of a hassle”. So, she tends to go for PG Tips teabags. Lastly, pouring a boiling water in, lets it steep and then ad 2 percent cold milk.

“A cup of tea is like a drug in England. It’s supposed to make everything better,” Lisa Vanderpump said.

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