Learn How PG Tips is Helping Workers and Protecting the Environment

Before having your next cup of tea, find out if your favorite brand is helping to make the world a little better. Our favorite tea, PG Tips, is taking action.

PG Tips is working to make conditions better for workers in tea growing countries. To make this happen, PG Tips is working with the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is working to verify that, by 2010, all PG Tips tea growers practice sustainability.

All tea used in making the brand will come from tea growers that provide workers and their families with good working conditions and benefits (housing, education, healthcare). Additionally, growers must use farming methods that are environmentally-friendly.

When you buy a cup with tea grown in this manner, you are saying you approve of treating workers decently and protecting the environment. Who knew your small cup of tea can say so much.

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