Is it PG Tips or Brooke Bond PG Tips?

Is the name PG Tips Tea or Brooke Bond PG Tips?

Many long time drinkers refer to it as Brooke Bond PG Tips.  But, is that the right name?

Brooke Bond was the company that produced PG Tips back in in the 1930s in England.   Brooke Bond was the name of the tea shop opened byArthur Brooke, who created PG Tips, one of the first brands of tea in the UK.   But, PG Tips has been owned by Unilever UK since 1984.  Below is a picture of the store and of Arthur Brooke.

Arthur Brooke , the founder of PG Tips, and the first Brooke Bond store.

Arthur Brooke , the founder of PG Tips, and the first Brooke Bond store.


  1. what has happened to the taste of pgtips, the flavour has changed and the tea is very weak, there is only enough tea in the bag to make a small cup NOT a mug, I have been buying pgtips for years but I dont think they are the original pgtips. I am now switching the brand of tea that I buy. I am very very disappointed that you can spoil the nations favourite cuppa !!!! arggh

  2. Maybe Kirsty is not leaving the bag long enough in the mug before adding any milk. I use a giant mug, it’s left in there just for the usual brewing time you’d get if you made it in the pot. Always add milk last. Pour the just-boiled water into the mug containing the bag, stir the bag round a few times, then add your milk if you need it. Give it a couple of minutes, the tea should release its perfect PG flavour, then lift the bag out by whatever means you feel best. I do it with fingers, I’ve got tough skin, I don’t get any heat. My tea tastes perfect every time. I never try to cut corners when making a cuppa. I perform each action exactly the same as previously.

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