British Cuppa Tea Slowly Dying, PG Tips Owner Said

With the large range of teas popping up and generations, wherein latest trends and high-end products are more appealing, the demand for traditional black tea bags is now gradually declining.

Millennial and Generation Z are now into green teas, herbal teas and coffee rather than the classic cup of builder’s tea.

A freelance songwriter Nadia Sinel thinks that young generation like green tea more than the traditional black tea because of its health benefits and that black teas taste too strong and quite bitter.

Other factors for the slowly decreasing demand are dramatic growth of demand for bubble tea, youngsters prefer to reduce their dairy intake and the big impact of social media such as Instagram to post attractive photos.

With this change of taste in younger generations, PG Tips and Lipton, owned by Unilever, is struggling to grow its black tea brands and get back to their track in developed countries such as the UK and US.

(Photo Credits to: JAYSHREE)

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