Are PG Tips and Lipton Tea giving up the tea business?

The traditional cuppa has shunned by a generation of consumer raised on coffee and fashionable herbal teas. Thus, the owner of PG Tips is considering on quitting the tea business.

On an interview, Unilever pointed to a slump in sales of black tea for over a portfolio of brands. Including. Lipton, Brooke Bond, and Pukka Herbs.

Alan Jope, the Chief Executive of Unilever shared that tea drinkers are a dying breed now. With drinkers of black tea getting older and consuming less, everything is starting to fall over.

However, young consumers are experience seekers, explained by Jope.

Tea breaks is a tradition in the UK for over 200 years, according to UK Tea and Infusions Association.

They still claim that tea is not handing over the crown as the national drink. But Britons are increasing on drinking coffee, with 95m cups drank everyday, according to British Coffee Association.

Photo and Article from The Guardian

Total sales of tea declined by about 2% in just two years, according to research firm Nielsen.

Unilever’s PG Tips brand has been the market leader in UK but was overtaken by Twinings for the first time last year.

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